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A Quick and Easy Guide to Clearing

Clearing is a method of coordinating a university which requires students, for students requiring a university, and in 2017 it will start from Wednesday 5 July. Should you not have received any offers from any of the universities you applied to, or you have seen on results day that you never acquired the grades which were necessary to reach your Firm or Insurance choices, UCAS Clearing is the second chance you will have of getting a place at university.

For a lot of students, Clearing will only be accessible after their results have been released and it happens that they haven’t matched the entry criteria for their selected courses. Clearing is likewise available for any students who may already have their results and are not yet holding an offer at a UK University – if you apply to university for entry at the correct time you will be automatically entered into Clearing.

What You Have to Do

You will have to find a university that is ready to accept you and the best course of action in which to achieve this is to check out their website or call a university and tell them what you would like to do, such as humanities clearing in 2017. In most cases, should they have any vacancies, they will take down your details and give you either a decision on the spot or very soon there afterwards.

Here’s a few important things to be aware of and to remember should you find it necessary to use Clearing:

Get ready beforehand – Even should you believe that you’ve achieved the results you want, you should have a back-up plan before results day. Jot down a list of other courses and universities where you may wish to go in order from 1 – 5.

Don’t hang around until 17 August –Even though A level results day happens to be the 17 August, if you’re studying other qualifications, Clearing will begin as soon as you’ve got your results in July. A lot of international students may have gotten their results already in July, so don’t waste any time.

Make sure to be around – Just be there and you can take that holiday down to the Greek islands later! Timing is of the essence.

Stay positive! – Don’t get stressed out and do your best to relax and take things as they come.

Keep on watching UCAS Track – if you become eligible for Clearing, the ‘Add Clearing choice’ button will become available

Remain flexible – Consider combining your course with another one to help maximise

You make the call – A university will be that much more impressed if you enthusiastically ring them, and will be more likely to offer you a place.

Don’t Forget – There will be a number of vacancies that won’t be featured in the official listings. They’re normally taken within hours, so try calling quickly if there’s somewhere you really fancy going!

And one last little piece of advice to remember – DON’T PANIC!

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