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Real life application of Mathematics

 Mathematics is a crucial subject having a systematic application in every matter of space and time. Maths makes our life easy and orderly, thus preventing us from all sort of chaos. Certain quantities that foster mathematics are creativity, critical thinking, reasoning, problem-solving and even communication skills. Mathematics is the “Cradle to humankind”, without which the world cannot move an inch, having real-life application in every field used by farmers, shopkeepers, doctors, engineers, scientists, musician in day-to-day life. Topics like Ratio & Proportion, Numbers, Circles are used in every aspect of life. Thus we will focus on some important real-life application of maths used by common man:

(i) Math lets you save money: Many experts believe that a person having masterly skills in maths can easily save, invest and spend money in a right way. Those with poor maths fundamentals tend to make greater financial mistakes such as underestimating the interest that accumulates while those with great knowledge and having the concepts of exponential growth and compound interest will be more inclined to better management of debt.

(ii) Role of Mathematics in Science Science is probably one area where the application of maths is majorly used. Such as in Quantum mechanics, matrices and group theory are used, in Electromagnetism, vector calculus is used which all are a part of mathematics. Maths also has application in Astronomy such as performing calculations when we look at the objects in a sky with a telescope.

(iii) Maths in Constructional Work: Maths also has application in constructional work too. Creating something valuable from raw material only requires a correct proportionate mixture of different components to add value to a final product. Such as amount of concrete required for building a house or measurement of dimensions and defining tolerance all requires a great knowledge of mathematics to successfully build things with the best optimization of cost and time.

(iv) Application in Medical Field: The human body comprises of head, neck, trunks, arms, hands, legs and feet. Every part of a body is made up different types of cells. At the time of maturity, it is said to have around 37.2 trillion cells. In humans, there are 206 bones with a normal human body temperature of 98.6 F. All these measurements require knowledge of mathematics for measurement.

(v) Maths in Purchasing goods: One of the common places to find daily use of Mathematics is on purchasing of goods. Grocery shop requires a broad range of knowledge of maths in the Natural Numbers, from addition to multiplication and percentage calculation such in figuring percentage discounts and estimating the final pricing.

All these techniques are applied in daily use by humans so as to have comfort in every step of life.

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