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The Benefits of Learning Another Language

When you learn a second language, you actually get many Robotel benefits outside of simply learning to speak that language.

Learning A Second Language Makes You Smarter

Yes, it is true that anytime you learn anything it improves your intelligence and that means, technically, you are smarter.  But learning a foreign language has been actually proven to improve the brain’s functionality by challenging pattern recognition, definitions, and simply through the aspect of translation.  Altogether, then, this process improves problem-solving skills.

Learning A Second Language Improves Multi-Tasking Abilities

People who learn multiple languages tend to be better at multi-tasking.  Multilingual people—and particularly children—are very good at switching between two different speech and writing structures.  This makes them better at juggling ideas and tasks than those who only know one language.  In addition, research appears to show that those who speak more than one language are better drivers (thanks to their spectacular multitasking abilities).

Learning A Second Language Gives You A Healthy Brain

There have been many studies on the impact of language and dementia and the good news is that multilingual people are at a lower risk for conditions like Alzheimer’s disease.  Studies show that the mean age for the first signs of dementia is 71.4 in monolingual adults; the mean age is 75.5 in multilingual adults.

Learning A Second Language Improves Your Memory

The brain is like a muscle. It is NOT a muscle, but it is LIKE a muscle in that the brain is pliable. It actually works better the more you use it.  Like muscles, you need to “exercise” your brain. When you work out, your muscles not only get stronger but the develop stamina.  When you work out your brain, it too gets better, not only at retaining information, but retrieving it as well.

Learning A Second Language Makes You More Perceptive

Another study has shown that bilingual adults tend to be more adept at making rational decisions.  All languages carry their own sets of nuances and subtleties which subconsciously influence your judgment.  Studying more languages help your brain to be better at recognizing nuances, which improves your rational decision making.

Learning A Second Language Improves Your First Language

Learning any language improves your overall focus on the mechanics of all language.   You might not be as aware of grammar, conjugations, and sentence structure for your native tongue—as you use it all the time—but you certainly get better at recognizing these things the more you study other languages.

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